Our Story


About the Founder

Hi, Im Annie, the founder of Ivory & Ash. Together with my husband, Jason, we launched Ivory & Ash after 10 years of dreaming of starting a traditional Bridal Boutique. Life took us on a curvy path, with our corporate jobs moving us from Cleveland to Chicago and back again, our own wedding in 2013, having three little girls, and throw in a couple of home remodels. Needless to say we’ve been a little busy, but my dream of owning my own Bridal business has always been in my soul. Now that we’ve planted our roots where we belong, in the CLE area and during my pregnancy with our third baby girl, Jason and I decided that dream should become a reality!

My background is in interior design and architecture and for the past I’ve been traveling the country and abroad selling in that amazing world, soaking up all the beauty that surrounds it. Architecture and fashion inspirations go hand in hand...my love for everything bridal, wedding and Architecture have become “married” (see what I did there!) together to create my passion for both and have lead me dream up Ivory & Ash!

About Ivory & Ash

Ivory & Ash is a Bridal Styling Studio that comes to you! Yep, we come to you! Think... stylist to the celebrities, only you’re the celeb! In three easy steps you create your very own intimate styling session with one of our stylists. You pick your dresses and we package everything together for you! We even bring a few surprises along with us!! All you have to do is relax in the setting of your choice and be ready to feel glamorous for a one of a kind experience!

We carry dresses that are timeless, true love, classic designs from Lea-Ann Belter’s Astrid & Mercedes line to dresses that embody the Boho, free spirit girl who wants to get married under the trees, in a rustic barn, or barefoot on a sandy beach. We have partnered with some of the most talented bridal designers in the world, from gorgeous dresses to the perfect accessories, our stylists bring everything you’ll need to style you up for the biggest day of your life!